Friday, August 19, 2011

I want personality and honesty

When I write on my blog, I always try to be honest and write truly about my feelings. The same goes to the blogs I read - I want personality and honesty. I want to feel the persons thougts behind the blog....this is why I always read Love My Dress!!! Annabel is such an amazing person - she loves writing on her blog, and you can tell that she gives her heart and soul to the readers. I was featured on Love My Dress last week, and I was SOOO happy. (I even did a happy dance). So now go on and check out her amazing blog.
Enjoy xoxo

Photographers: Alicia Swedenborg & Sandra Ã…berg


  1. I completely agree - the blogs which are genuine and personal, those that really exude that the bloggers have a passion for what they write about - they are really the best. And Love My Dress is one of them. I personally especially enjoy reading about her personal adventures as a full time blogger, as much as of course the excellent wedding related content. I completely understand why you did a happy dance when you were featured - Annabel has a great style!

  2. Love Annabel - she is wise and honest.

    Although with your prettiness I can see why you were featured!