Saturday, December 17, 2011

The art of AMAZING service ♥

What is AMAZING sevice? I often wonder, why there is such a lack of service in many Bridal Boutiques. Getting married is such a big deal, and something many woman have dreamed about, since they were little girls! So when you book an appointment to try on dresses, you expect to be welcomed with a smile, patience, understanding, honsty, kindness and experience an unique and professional service - oh yes and a glas of Champagne will make any woman feel fabulous!

I have just started working with an amazing Bridal Boutique in Lausanne, Switzerland. Olga the owner is such a lovely and sweet person, and her way of welcoming her brides is just outstanding! Not only is her Boutique just exquisite, but she knows excately how to treat her clients (but it feels so right, because she does with her heart and soul). Please enjoy these beautiful pictures from the opening of Belle En Blanc in Lausanne♥

Beautiful Olga ♥

I love the fact, that Olga had beautiful models showing dresses & accessories - it adds that extra touch of glamour!

My Ellette is beautiful styled!

Photograps by Silversatsuma


  1. Amazing. And you are so right - a good service is vital if you as a bride is going to fulfill your dreams of a wonderful wedding. And this place certainly has a special quality to it - I just want to move right in!

  2. I totally agree with you Ane. It should not be hard to give great service - all the brides are so sweet and happy, and excited for their big day.

  3. What a beautiful boutique! Definitely somewhere that will make trying on wedding dresses an extremely special occasion.

  4. Your boutique looks like and extraordinary place :) I love the style!